To me, the coupling of fabrics and textiles with people is such a rich and evocative pairing. It’s not just limited to items of clothing either, although they are such a large part of why I find it captivating. I’d like to write more about this subject or material and use it as a springboard. Here is a start. 


You wore white gauze
and dressed like the breeze
It blanketed your hills
and they glowed underneath

Come closer with
your cuffs encircling your
wrists of patchouli your
collar of violet and amber

You never took the time
to iron out the creases
so I used my hands to sweep them
off your tired shoulders

But it curled in a pile
on your bedroom floor
You just couldn’t bear to wear
this one anymore


Hanging undershirt’, Avigdor Arikha 1977



I’ll be careful when
I touch what is fragile.
Follow your hair and trace
our fingers to the middle
Where your ravine of soft beige
hides where your heart stays.

I think I’ll hide here and
soothe with the tide of your breath
until you find me
and let me go.


Section of ‘Pregnant Girl’, Lucian Freud 1961