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About the blog:

Floodcurdling is where I put some of my poems, short stories,  creative memoirs and sometimes commentary. Themes range from abstraction, self written portraiture, dreams, love and absurdity. I publish sparsely but hope to be more frequent.

For me, writing gives a living, speaking body to what are usually quite tangled thoughts, memories and feelings. In absence of a sincere conversation, and in lieu of my inability to paint, I write and I pair my images with art pieces. I started writing and publishing in this blog as a way of working through the effects of a severe bout of depression, where writing was cathartic and tonic. It’s past that now and I still write albeit sporadically.

I also derive no satisfaction from keeping much what I write for my own private viewing. So thank you sincerely for reading.

I always love hearing from people and hearing their thoughts. If something resonates with you or makes you want to share something, I’d be glad to hear from you in the comments.

Cover photo is ‘Die Goldene Insel’, Georg Kolbe 1898

About me:

I’m a 26-year-old from Sydney. Between being a postgrad student, an intern and a full-time worker, I’m trying to figure out how to be a decent person, speak my truth, make my mark and make my existence useful to society and myself. Daunting stuff.

Other than that I try not to take myself as seriously as it would appear. I play and listen to a lot of music and lift weights. Yes, the photo is of me on a couch on the street. It wasn’t my idea.


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